The Freedom Fertility Formula

Provided by My Fertility Coach

A fertility journey can feel like an “emotional prison” of hopelessness, despair, confusion, uncertainty, jealously, guilt, loneliness and more. Not only does this make the physical journey even more difficult - the emotional pain it is causing can further be harming your chances of becoming pregnant.

The Freedom Fertility Formula provided by My Fertility Coach offers you a structured way to handle this emotional overwhelm and enables you with step by step tools.

Developed by Dany Griffiths, a hypnotherapist and fertility expert based in the UK, the Freedom Fertility Formula offered to you by My Fertility Coach includes a mix of technique and tool teaching, guided imagery (live and recorded MP3 for later use), and personalized coaching.

The 7-part series includes a session focused on each of the following F.E.R.T.I.L.E. areas:


Set in motion successful steps that are achievable and wholly within your control to restore your faith in yourself and your fertility.


Learn about your emotions in a new way so they are able to guide you in the best direction rather than holding you back.


Let go of the negative experiences and subconscious emotional blocks that may be inadvertently affecting your fertility, and set up new Pathways for Success.


Know how to instantly change your emotional state whenever you need and protect yourself from the negative impacts of life.


Use the power of the mind/body connection to enhance your natural fertility.


Feel ready to accept invitations, make plans, and get on with living your life again knowing you can handle anything.


Wake up each day feeling positive and optimistic, enjoy fun times with family and friends, and feel passionate about your partner, your relationships, and your life.

You’ll conduct your Freedom Fertility Formula sessions with Erin from My Fertility Coach. Within each structured session, you will still be able to tailor the conversation toward what’s going on in your fertility journey. An optional IVF Enhancement package for the is available for those who will be soon entering or are in the midst of an IVF cycle. Visit the main Freedom Fertility Formula website for more details about the program.

If you’d like to learn more and discuss whether the Freedom Fertility Formula may be right for you, set up a free clarity call through the button below.


You never start the journey to motherhood thinking you are going to have fertility problems. You think it’s going to be fun.

For us, it had been anything but fun. After 2 years of struggling with fertility, failed IUIs, IVF, miscarriage, even an ectopic pregnancy, it was hard to find hope. But moreover, it is lonely, exhausting, confusing, and doctors don’t help with any of it. Friends and family don’t really understand and it can be so isolating.

When I started working with Erin, I would go through periods of being hopeful, sad, lost, excited, angry, happy - you name it! But Erin made me feel like I wasn’t alone, like I had a sounding board, and she gave me real, tangible, tools to address any and every emotion on this rollercoaster ride. From there, I worked with Erin on a 7-week Freedom Fertility Formula program which made me feel as though I had a champion in my corner, and concrete steps to working through all parts of the journey. The Freedom Fertility Formula program gave me extremely practical tools and programs to help conquer infertility. Erin herself is a great listener, super encouraging, and sometimes the positivity and speck of hope you need to hear in a moment of doubt or sadness.

— Amanda, Freedom Fertility Formula and custom coaching client