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proven strategies + support for your journey

i've been in your shoes.

I know the pain and uncertainty that comes with infertility. The grief that comes from countless losses along this road. I know the loneliness of feeling you are the only one in this struggle. Your partner is supportive but doesn't really "get it." Your friends care but don't really understand (or maybe are all pregnant or new moms). You've tried seemingly everything to get pregnant and are overwhelmed and exhausted by the "to dos" and the feeling that maybe there's one thing you haven't tried yet that might make all the difference. 


together, we can make your experience better.

Through my personal experience and that of my clients, I've come to see that every woman has a unique formula to family building success. During the Fresh Start Program, you will work with me and a group of women in a similar situation to focus on your mind, heart, and physical body to transform your fertility experience. You will learn strategies for self-care, stress relief, and support for the "right now" that will put you in a better place on your path to motherhood.


get your fresh start during this 8-week fertility improvement course

but what you'll really come away with is:

  • A new fertility plan that suits who you are
  • Proven mindfulness and support strategies to improve your journey
  • Relationship techniques to ensure this experience brings you closer to your partner - not apart
  • Accountability and support for the changes you want to make
  • Empowerment from knowing you have access to resources and experiences from women like you
  • Tools and techniques to prepare you for motherhood

during the fresh start program, you will receive:

  • 8 lessons on key components of your fertility journey
  • Experienced coaching plus group support throughout the course
  • Expert resources and assistance on stress relief, relationship guidance, nutrition, supplemental treatments, and other common pitfalls of the infertility experience


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    Additional Bonuses

    • A one-on-one fertility strategy session with me at the beginning of the program
    • Private group chat for ongoing discussion and collaboration
    • Unlimited phone/email/text communication with me for questions and support
    • ...and more to come!

    the details

    Each week of the Fresh Start Program includes a lesson and focus on a key part of your fertility journey. You will explore and apply it with me, with the group, and on your own. We meet weekly to share our successes, results, and challenges.

    the fresh start lessons:

    • Encourage you to look deeply at your values, strengths, and vision for your family

    • Help you identify the elements of your fertility plan that work for you - and those that don't

    • Teach strategies to improve relationships, mindset, and decision-making

    • Focus on improving your path to parenthood and reducing stress


    The format:

    Each week will feature a brief lesson from me, a group discussion of the topic, and an exercise for you to take home and apply in your life. We'll also spend time each week sharing our celebrations, challenges, and questions that come up from our fertility journey. 


    pricing and dates:

    • This program is currently closed. If you'd like to be added to the wait list to get information about the next session, click here.


    Who should participate:

    If you are a woman going through or planning to begin fertility treatment, who is seeking more information, empowerment, support, camaraderie, and stress relief, you will benefit from the Fresh Start Program. All participants must be willing to commit to celebrating their milestones and others’ and identifying new strategies to improve their fertility journey.


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    groups are kept to a small number of participants to encourage trust, relationship development, meaningful discussion and support. 

    Everyone who is interested is asked to apply so that we can confirm your availability, location, and ensure you are grouped with women in a similar situation. 


    frequently asked questions

    Q: What are the dates of the group calls?

    • We will meet weekly in the evenings (Central Time) for 8 weeks. Meetings will be held via Zoom.
    • The Fresh Start Program is currently closed for enrollment. To be added to the wait list to get details about the next series, click here.

    Q: I'm afraid to join; what if everyone in the group gets pregnant during the program but me?

    • I hear you and I know that fear. I can't promise you that anyone - including you - will become pregnant during or as a result of this program. Celebrating each other’s journey is a fundamental part of this group. We’ll all keep a record of our daily celebrations - big and small - and be encouraged to share joys, gratitudes, and good news regularly. I hope all of the group participants get their BFP during the 8 - week course. That would be pretty remarkable and probably won’t happen. But, we will all have more insight into each other’s journey. We will all be encouraging, celebrating, and lifting up along the way. So when/if that comes - for you or someone else - we will know the story and we can celebrate even just a tiny bit more. And if it is not your will have comforting arms around you to encourage and lift you up like you’ve never had before.
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    Q: I'm in a stage of my journey where I don't know if this group would be helpful or apply to me. Should I apply? 

    • Probably, yes. But I know how many twists and turns this journey can take and I understanding wanting assurance before moving forward. Send me a note and let me know a good time to reach you; I'll be happy to call and talk through your specific questions.

    Q: What's up with this "application" anyway? Why wouldn't everyone interested just be able to participate?

    • I review each potential member of the group to ensure they are committed to their - and as a result, the group’s - success. I also want to ensure the experiences within each group are similar enough so that suggestions and sharing are helpful - while also encouraging diversity so that we can all learn something new.

    During the application process, I also reconfirm dates and locations so that everyone knows going in they can count on the individuals within the group to remain consistent and committed. Being able to explore, share, collaborate, and hold each other accountable is part of what makes this program so powerful. Those who aren't available for this emotionally or due to their schedule just won't get as much from the program and I want to make sure you get the full value you've been promised.

    Q: What if I have to miss a meeting? Is there a recording or a make up?

    • You may miss up to 2 sessions and still have access to the recording. Because this is a group coaching program, attendance is strongly encourage. You will not receive more than 2 recorded sessions. The fee is for all 8 sessions and partial refunds will not be given.

    Q: The dates for this session don't work for me. is there going to be another program?

    Q: I'm actually well-connected and have a group I can lean on for support. Why would I need this program?

    • That's great! While the group support part of the Fresh Start Program is key to increasing your emotional support and lowering stress, each week you'll also be learning and applying proven strategies to improve your fertility journey. Additionally, I take care of all the logistics - meeting date, time, topic - and ensure consistency in attendance through the application process. You can relax and know your learning, attempts, vulnerability and sharing will stay within the group of women you'll come to know well, week after week. 

    Q: What is the cancellation or refund policy?

    • You may miss up to 2 sessions and receive a recording of the session afterward. The fee for the program is for all 8 sessions and partial refunds will not be given.

    If, however, at the end of the course you have made best efforts to absorb and apply the course materials but still feel you have not received your money's worth, I will give you a full refund for the course. To qualify for this, you must complete a phone feedback session with me to share your concerns.

    Q: I applied. Now what?

    • Great news! You are on your way to a Fresh Start for your fertility. I'll review your application and reach out to set up a phone conversation to talk further. Watch your inbox for a note from me.

    Q: I have a question that is not answered here. Where can I get help?