nourished fertility package

overwhelmed, confused, or frustrated by conflicting and restrictive diet and food advice?

Are you eliminating your most-loved foods and activities, but not seeing any results - on the pregnancy test or otherwise? Is your fertility journey exhausting you, leaving you wondering what happened to that girl you knew before the ovulation kits, “trying”, and treatments?

I was, too. Nutrition for fertility was both a tremendous source of stress AND THEN a tremendous source of comfort, hope, and abundance in my own journey. I wish the same peaceful abundance and inspiration for you from the foods you eat.

It is so critical, though, to get dietary advice from an expert who understands your body chemistry, make up, and concerns. Just like all other things fertility, there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to nutrition. I’m asked all the time by my clients about foods that may help them conceive or be appropriate for where they are in their cycle. While I can share what I know - I’m not an expert.

That’s why I’ve partnered with Registered Dietitian Rachelle Mallik of The Food Therapist for a unique coaching package that combines personalized, expert, nutrition advice with fertility coaching to provide you with a holistic approach to your fertility plan.

The Nourished Fertility Package and the Quick Start to Nourishing Your Fertility focus on three key areas: Self-Care, Nutrition, and Support. Combining and helping you optimize these aspects of your life during your fertility journey will give you:

  • Habits and skills to support you through conception, pregnancy, and motherhood

  • Practical diet and nutrition tips to optimize your fertility

  • Knowledge and motivation to replenish yourself during a fertility struggle (and for the next challenge life will throw your way)

Currently, we are not offering these programs, but if you would like to be notified when they are next available, please email me to be added to our waitlist.


I think the coaching was absolutely a KEY first step in the huge transformation that has occurred in my life (and our lives) in the last 7-9 months. It was the first step I took to take care of myself emotionally and spiritually. I don't have a baby, but I also no longer feel like I HAVE to have a baby to be happy. I have more gratitude and wholeness, and I have more confidence my ability to care for myself. I have also learned that doing what feels good and right for me is ENOUGH. And that life is not a to-do list! I can't say enough how much that end-of-year email in combination with our last phone call hit me like a bolt of lightening. That idea that life is not a to-do list and that even going "all in" with TCM was channeling my masculine energy and trying to earn a baby - these two ideas were like keys that opened a door to a whole new life.

Infertility, whatever its form and result, is a transformative process. We think the end goal is a baby, but really it is so much more than that. As much as possible, it is helpful to know this and be open to it. And I think that coaching is very helpful - even essential - to realizing these larger transformations. Erin will be a shoulder to cry on and the understanding heart you need; and she will also help you see and maintain a larger vision for your life that is so vital to the process.

— Lisa from Chicago, custom coaching client