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Hi! I'm Erin McDaniel. I am a six-time IVF "survivor" and now a proud mama to two beautiful boys.

During my fertility journey, I was frustrated, angry, confused, and lonely. It seemed there was no one to help guide me and I kept hitting unexpected delays and pitfalls. After the second unsuccessful round of IVF I started to factor myself into the treatment plan - how could I take charge and control more of the experience? 

Once I gathered a broader support team and started to care for my whole self things got easier. I felt empowered, had greater perspective, and was more calm. Now, I'm using this experience to help other women have a more positive family building experience. (For more details about my story, click here or here.)

I am an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) through the International Coach Federation and a certified Freedom Fertility Formula provider and I serve women around the globe facing a fertility struggle.

As a fertility coach, I help women improve their family building experience by identifying ways to fill the gaps often left by medical expertise and well-intentioned friends and family members. I’ve “been there” when it comes to a fertility struggle and I use this experience, natural empathy, and expertise in coaching, the fertility process, and the fertility industry to offer services that provide encouragement and support, practical guidance, identification and reduction of stress points, and teach positive mindset strategies. (To learn more about my services, click here.)

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