How it works

I believe women who feel empowered to take control of their whole health - mental, spiritual, and physical - while building their families have a more positive experience.

I provide a personal touch that gets at the intangibles and helps bring ease to the process. Sessions are sold in packages of 5 or 10 50-minute consultations. Each session is customized to your needs and current situation. To give you a general idea of the program path we could cover, I've listed some session topics below:

  • About you: Your family story and coaching goals
  • Creating your self care plan: Taking care of your whole being during this journey
  • The how tos of IVF: The ins/outs of what to expect and how to prepare
  • Designing the "perfect" cycle: How to craft your life to support this experience
  • Riding the roller coaster: Your IVF treatment has started. How do you survive - maybe even enjoy - the ride?
  • On ice: Making the most of the waiting times
  • Next steps: You know the results, what now?
  • Additional areas of focus: Identifying your values, Goal setting, Grieving, Decision making, Other ways to build a family

We'll meet regularly in person (in Chicagoland only), via phone, or video. I'm available for quick questions via email, phone, or text in between our appointments. I'm a friendly encourager, a gentle accountability partner, and I'll laugh at all of your jokes.

Together, we'll identify your fears, trigger situations, and the information you're missing. We'll make a plan to help you feel empoweredencouraged, and equipped for the journey.


Coaching is an individualized service

When we work together, we'll identify the areas most important to you and develop a custom plan to help you feel more calm and in control of your fertility journey. Your plan could include things such as:


Self-Care Planning

Assistance in creating a plan for self-care and support before, during, and after fertility treatment.


A first-hand account of what to expect along the journey. We'll think through questions to ask and pitfalls to watch out for. I'll help interpret monitoring numbers and can be available for check ins before and after appointments.


Together, we'll identify your values, what's most important to you at key points in the process, and break down major decisions. You'll feel confident and calm that you're shaping the family you want.

body movement

Whether its a new, modified, or consistent exercise program, we'll think through how to recognize the strength in your body and be kind to it during the fertility process.

Tracking Journal

An easy template to record your family building experience. Use it to stay motivated, keep your care team up to date, or as a memento of your journey. Or, something to burn when this is all over.

Guided visualizations

Customized guided visualizations, meditations, or prayers to help your head space stay clear at key points in the process. These could include beginning stimulation, during injections, before monitoring appointments, at retrieval, each day of lab growth, at transfer, or during the wait for a pregnancy test.

Meal and Menu planning

We'll break down a nutritionist's recommendations for diet changes so you feel excited and energized to fuel your body for fertility.


...And more

We'll work together to identify any number of ways to fill you with energy and lightness, help you stay in the present, and ultimately contribute to a more positive, healing, family building experience.