I believe women who feel empowered to take control of their whole health - mental, spiritual, and physical - while building their families have a more positive experience.

Choose from the coaching packages below to get started. Not sure which one is truly right for you? Reach out and we’ll talk about it.


Customized sessions

When we work together in this format, we'll identify the areas most important to you and develop a custom plan to help you feel more calm and in control of your fertility journey. Read more >

Freedom Fertility Formula

A structured approach to handle the emotional overwhelm of a fertility journey. Clients have access to a mix of technique and tool teaching, guided imagery, and personalized coaching. Read more >

Nourished Fertility Package

Offered in partnership with a registered, licensed, dietitian, this package offers a blend of fertility and nutritional coaching. Read more >

Mindful Fertility Package

Offered in partnership with a mindfulness expert, this package offers a blend of fertility and mindfulness coaching. Coming soon!


...And more

In every package, I provide a personal touch that gets at the intangibles and helps bring ease to the process. We'll work together to identify any number of ways to fill you with energy and lightness, help you stay in the present, and ultimately contribute to a more positive, healing, family building experience.

We'll meet regularly via phone or video. I'm available for quick questions via email, phone, or text in between our appointments. I'm a friendly encourager, a gentle accountability partner, and I'll laugh at all of your jokes.

Together, we'll identify your fears, trigger situations, and the information you're missing. Throughout and long after your My Fertility Coach coaching experience, you will feel empoweredencouraged, and equipped for the journey.