Magda from Poland, undergoing ivf

Talking to Erin really helped me deal with everything I'm going through. Her direct, no nonsense and super practical approach really got through to me! I highly recommend!


a client from austin, undergoing ivf

I've tried and done so many things, but [Erin] was the missing piece for me.

debbie from chicago, currently pregnant

Erin was such a great support to me during this fertility roller coaster. Anyone going through fertility treatment would benefit from her guidance and resourcefulness. I got so much out of our sessions - she helped me shift my perspective, stay positive and celebrate the small stuff.


lisa from Chicago, delivered twins

I think the coaching was absolutely a KEY first step in the huge transformation that has occurred in my life (and our lives) in the last 7-9 months. It was the first step I took to take care of myself emotionally and spiritually. I don't have a baby, but I also no longer feel like I HAVE to have a baby to be happy. I have more gratitude and wholeness, and I have more confidence my ability to care for myself. I have also learned that doing what feels good and right for me is ENOUGH. And that life is not a to-do list! I can't say enough how much that end-of-year email in combination with our last phone call hit me like a bolt of lightening. That idea that life is not a to-do list and that even going "all in" with TCM was channeling my masculine energy and trying to earn a baby - these two ideas were like keys that opened a door to a whole new life.

Infertility, whatever its form and result, is a transformative process. We think the end goal is a baby, but really it is so much more than that. As much as possible, it is helpful to know this and be open to it. And I think that coaching is very helpful - even essential - to realizing these larger transformations. Erin will be a shoulder to cry on and the understanding heart you need; and she will also help you see and maintain a larger vision for your life that is so vital to the process.



A client from san francisco, delivered baby boy

The fertility world seems to be missing a key component - a coach and confidant - someone who’s sole focus is to care for you and help you care for yourself. Erin provided an empathetic ear and practical advice to help me gain greater control over my journey. She felt like my own personal ‘IVF partner-in-crime.’ With her help, I took on another round of IVF feeling positive, calm, and resilient.



a client from chicago, currently pregnant

Going into my first IVF cycle was a scary, confusing and lonely time. Then I meet Erin and she helped me every step of the way. She prepared me physically, mentally and helped me find strength I never knew I had. Erin provides you with a wealth of information, is a shoulder to cry on and is always cheering you on. I couldn’t imagine doing this without her.


a client from chicago, in a waiting period

Erin was referred to me at my breaking point in my infertility struggles. I had just found out my first IVF cycle did not work and was devastated. I had already been through 3 failed IUI’s and months of holistic healing...all to which I was hoping this IVF cycle would finally help complete the family we have been longing for. Not only is Erin extremely personable and professional, but she is also very accommodating; not only with schedules but also during our sessions. She allows you to set the sessions as to what you need most that week. She is great at giving you tools to use to help you through your journey to stay positive and give you strength to keep going. She also always makes sure you know you have a support system in her at anytime.


Steve and Elizabeth from Minnesota, delivered baby girl

You have made a really scary and hard experience so much better for us. You truly have a gift for helping others and are so good with words.


a client from chicago, currently pregnant

After 6 months of trying to conceive with the help of my doctor, I was feeling confused and frustrated by the process. A friend of mine suggested that I look for a service or coach that could help. That is when I found Erin at My Fertility Coach. Erin helped me gain not only the ability to advocate for myself in this process but also the courage to move onto IVF. I was scared and very averse to the idea of IVF but through many tears and Erin’s supportive and empathetic coaching I was able to do a cycle of IVF. (Which actually ended up being a breeze.) And now I am 22 weeks pregnant with a baby girl (my first child)! I can honestly say that I may not have had the courage or the confidence to pull this off without Erin’s help and support. I’m gonna be a mom!! Thank you Erin!