custom coaching sessions

Coaching is an individualized service.

If you prefer to tailor each of your coaching sessions according to your goals, style, and specific phase of your fertility journey, custom coaching sessions are for you. Sold in packages of (5) 50-minute sessions and conducted via phone or video chat, each session is customized to your needs and current situation. You’ll be invited to come to each session with a goal in mind and we’ll intentionally work toward that outcome.

Some topics we may cover in a given session include:

  • Self-care planning: Creating a daily routine for self-care and support

  • Resources: Exploration of what you know to be true and what you still need to learn in order to feel confident and peaceful in your journey.

  • Decision-making: Together, we’ll identify what’s most important to you at key points in the process and break down major decisions.

  • Visualizations: If you are a visual person, we’ll identify metaphors you can imagine for your fertility journey giving you strength and hope at key points in the process like beginning stimulation, during injections, before monitoring appointments, at retrieval, during lab growth and/or embryo testing, at transfer, or during the wait for a pregnancy test.

  • Accountability: So often, a fertility journey comes with a desire for new habits. During your sessions, we can create a plan to help you stay motivated and accountable in order to reach your goals.

  • Mindset: Using practical tips and strategies, we’ll come up with unique solutions that will help you stay calm, positive, and confident through every step of your fertility path.

  • Planning: Whether it is creating a Plan A and Plan B to prepare for news of test results, identifying the ideal schedule to make your next IVF or IUI cycle less stressful, or working through the steps to get your life back from a “fertility takeover”, practical planning and scheduling with someone who has “been there” can do wonders to ease the overwhelm of a fertility journey.

Above all, we’ll work together to identify any number of ways to fill you with energy and lightness, help you stay in the present, and ultimately contribute to a more positive, healing, family building experience.

If you’d like to learn more about Custom Coaching Sessions and discuss whether they may be right for you, let’s set up a 20-minute free consultation.


A phenomenal experience that greatly helped me get through the roller coaster of a long and difficult secondary infertility challenge. Erin is kind, compassionate, a great listener and greatly helped me not only by allowing me to vent but to come up with proactive strategies to help me become more mindful, stay cautiously optimistic, and value my fertility struggle as my own personal, unique journey which has made me a stronger, better person.

Highly recommend her and one of the best investments you can make to maintain your sanity and perspective during the roller coaster of fertility treatment.

— A client from Columbia, Maryland