Acupuncture and My Fertility Journey

You may have noticed that I tend to steer clear of recommending specifics in my broad communications. I know everyone is different and will respond differently to every option. I don’t want to add to the never ending list of “things you should be doing to get pregnant - that may or may not work for you but worked for some and now you feel guilty if you don’t do all of them too”. That’s just not me.

So, instead, I share strategies and broad suggestions. With my clients, we get specific on what works for them.

All of this to say - I’m breaking my own rule today by sharing this strategy. I fully believe acupuncture is a core part of my fertility success.

When clients ask me whether or not they should try acupuncture, my answer is always “yes.” Try it. It may not be your thing, and that’s ok. But at least try it. Find a practitioner who specializes in fertility. Listen to what she has to say and follow her recommendations on diet, supplements, and herbs. Give it a true shot and see if/how you feel different.

For me, I could feel my body working more efficiently. I could feel a difference in my mood and my stress levels immediately after a treatment. I looked forward to going. During my acupuncture treatments, I began to visualize my fertility success (more on that here). Most of all, I felt like I was actively doing something to bring me closer to my baby.  

I’ve written before about acupuncture and included it in recommendations of what I wish I’d known earlier in my journey. If you’re interested in what medical studies say about the impact acupuncture can have on IVF, this article has a nice round up.

If you already have acupuncture as part of your fertility plan - great. If not, here are my suggestions to help you get started:

  1. Find an acupuncturist who specializes in fertility. Get started here.

  2. Try to begin treatments before your cycle (medicated or natural) starts. While studies have focused on the impact of acupuncture pre and post transfer during IVF, I believe the power of treatment can come much earlier in helping with egg quality, uterine lining, and overall body efficiency.

  3. Ask about supplements, diets, and herbs to round out your treatment. Be sure to also consult with your doctor before adding anything new to your plan. Comply with the plan.

  4. Enjoy the quiet time with yourself. (You’re doing a lot with this alone!)

I sincerely hope this is helpful. Is acupuncture part of your plan? Have you tried it? Let me know about your experience in the comments.

Erin McDanielComment